Artifact Info: Chemical Reaction Primer

Big Picture

  • The unit on chemical reactions covers three main sections
  • For each section, you will create an artifact of your knowledge. An artifact is something you create that demonstrates how well you know a certain subject area.
    • The artifacts will take the place of tests, though there may still be quizzes.
  • For this section, each individual will create an artifact.
Be sure to view the rubric! It has all the requirements for this project.

Possible formats

  • “textbook” (may be digital or not)
  • comic book
  • newspaper
  • museum exhibit teaching people about chemical reactions (includes poster, model, diagrams, etc.)
  • research paper
  • song/rap/poem
  • poster
  • video presentation
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • wiki-article
  • audio recording
  • Something of your own choosing


  • Must utilize a minimum of 4 reliable resources (outside of any notes Mr. W provides)
  • Include a bibliography (we’ll go over details later)
  • Must be uploaded and linked to on the class wiki page.
  • For more specific on content & grading, see the rubric.